Easter Eggs In Video Games

Easter Eggs are intentionally hidden secrets or jokes which developers conceal inside of their games. Like the eggs at a children’s easter egg hunt, these secrets are usually difficult to find but are meant to be discovered as rewards for particularly industrious gamers. Easter Eggs can be hidden messages, items, secret characters or random events, and their inclusion encourages experimentation with the game’s systems and mechanics in order to uncover these extra treasures. Some can be found inside game environments, while others require a cheat code to unlock. For example, if players input a specific button sequence while starting up the 1991 role-playing game Rings of Power the title screen would change. By pressing down, right, A, B, online casino banking methods and the start button, players were rewarded with an image of a topless woman next to the Naughty Dog logo.

Easter eggs are, of course, not inherently problematic, and gaming history is filled with examples of neat secrets that designers have hidden away for players to discover. But too frequently, Easter eggs are used as another way to reward players with women’s bodies. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 included a secret unlockable character named Daisy, who bore the likeness of porn star Jenna Jameson. Daisy’s sexualized appearance and skateboard tricks are designed as a reward for those players who unlocked her. One way to do that is by entering this code Probably one of the most famous Women as Reward easter eggs brings us back to Samus Aran. The original Metroid used a password system to save progress. By inputting the secret code “Justin Bailey” into this system, gamers would unlock a powered-up playable version of Samus wearing only her leotard-style bathing suit. Incidentally this is the same outfit we covered earlier as an end-game reward, only here she has the powers of the Varia Suit and its associated color pallete swap which changes her hair color to green. Players can then play the entire game as Samus without her space armor. So she ends up exploring a hostile alien world and fighting off deadly monsters in her underwear. “Welcome to the Hovercon intergalactic hoverboard competition!” There’s a bizarre easter egg in the original Ratchet & Clank: If the player does a series of side-flips in front of a green-skinned alien, the woman’s breasts will suddenly begin to inflate.

The more gymnastics stunts performed, the larger her boobs will become. There are so many Women as Reward-style easter eggs in the Metal Gear Solid series that it would take several hours to go over them all. First released for the PlayStation in 1998 and then remade for the GameCube in 2004, Metal Gear Solid featured not one but two separate easter eggs that allow players to see Meryl Silverburgh in her underwear. The second of these easter eggs requires players to follow Meryl into the ladies room and interrupt her while she is changing. If this is done quickly enough the next cutscene will play with Meryl in her underwear. “Anyway, how did you recognize me in disguise?” “I never forget a lady” Jumping ahead to the fourth game, the protagonist is assigned a psychologist for PTSD counseling.