WSOP in Vegas

Hi guys! It’s Monday, day three for us. I had to check the date ‘cause every day is Groundhog Day here in Vegas, especially for guys like me who live in Rio.

Woke up, had breakfast, played, came back. That’s why lots of guys choose further places to live. But I’m here to play, I don’t enjoy walking much, especially without my beloved wife and daughter, so it’s all fine by me. Today i’m playing Dealers Choice, but now i’m with Kirill Rodionov, the famous Moron – that’s his nickname, he’s not crazy or anything. A great guy, and his family is great – beautiful wife and daughter Veronica.

Kirill is playing today, let’s hope he succeeds and i get my bracelet, just like last year Ryan Fee won the bracelet for Doug Polk. -Captain, what’s our agenda for the tournament, what do i do the first 9 hands? -Can you play aces and kings?

– Yeah, I fold the ace-king, right? – Maybe call, see the flop – What about an ace-queen? – That’s borderline. – So the aim is to sit and not touch anything?

– Play however the hell you want. -Just don’t touch anything. We already made some money. Hi. You’re team players, too?

Ok. We’re gonna destroy those two, right? – These two? For sure. – Cause they’re playing rich casino at another table. – The tournament is amazing, I think. Not too happy about my partner, though.

Yeah, my goal is to not touch anything and we’ll be fine. Hope I can make it through the round. And then Kirill will destroy everyone. – Nice plan. I’m at my table, Kirill disappeared somewhere, I need to make it through 9 hands and not lose 35 blinds. Or I’m gonna regret it.

First guy’s out. The reg collected some chips. Only 7 hands more, and Kirill can take my place. Typical break during a morning event. And it’s weekday, it will be impossible to walk here on weekends during 1k tourneys, the Millionaire Maker.

It will be so crowded, toilet queues will reach the main exit… A small hint for you (not Vitaly Volov, but some advice): leave 2 minutes before the break. Here’s Charlie Carrel… Amke himself…Slava Zhukov… Loads of friendly faces here. While Kirill is doing the thing, i came to a Chinese restaurant. We’re here with Gump, it’s a tradition of ours.

Every five years… yeah, five years ago I played for the first time, but I didn’t live in Rio then. But last year Alexei Makarov and I came here several times, so I’m checking the place out. No idea what I’ve ordered.

The lady said “Want this?” I said “Sure”. I guess I’ll find out soon. So the ladies with trolleys offer you dim sum – these thingies over here. So these are shrimps, this is some kind of fish, and this could be anything. I wanted meat, but they speak a mix of English and Chinese, i didn’t get it.

Got some lemonade. Looks good. They mark your order with stamps right here, and then you pay the price.

Lemonade refills are free. Here goes Benny. What’s up?

Right, he doesn’t speak Russian. This is day two of $10k rich casino tournaments. Several Russians here from the draft, Slava Zhukov – rooting for that guy. This is the $2,5k Mixed Draw finale. 7 people left: my man Jesse Martin, chip leader, James Obst. Wish the best of luck to both of them.

We’re back in Amazon where the $1,500 Dealers Choice tournament takes place. Couple of minutes before the start. A lot of people here, ‘cause it’s team tournament and teammates root for each other. Let’s check up on Kirill. Hope he got the bracelet. I deserve it, like Doug Polk did.

Hope our boy is still in. There he is and the mighty back. He attacks. Ok let’s not distract him, hope he wins the hand.

Look at him tap his other hand. Check beautifully up to the last moment. He’s gonna bet the river. No?

He shows two sixes. It’s a clean victory. -What’s up? -I’m doing much better than you. – You only have green chips, Kirill, you need the yellow ones. Get more of those.

Ok, back to work, boy. So Kirill’s working, let’s go check our table in Dealer’s Choice. If we’re unlucky we’ll get guys who can play all 19 games. Or, we can get opponents who can hardly play half. And the strategy here is not to order games you know best, but to figure out which games your opponents are worst at. So, here’s the Dealer’s Choice button, my driving licence, my stack, thanks.

And we choose one of the 20 games – this one was added this year. Pot Limit 2-7 lowball. Total nonsense, playing Pot Limit with draw. Here’re the options. 7 card Stud Hi-Lo, this one is the best by far, there are no so called qualifiers, and most people don’t know you need to win on low and they go to the very end with a pair of kings.

Omaha Only-Limit is where no one folds. Limit Omaha high-low 5 cards. Oh wait, this is the one I was talking about. I played these three games, two days in a row.

We’re waiting for the opponents, no-one wants to play rich casino yet. That’s how we play Dealers Choice. This guy said he won’t play here.

He said he can’t miss it on WSOP, but won’t be playing anymore. He says hi to his Russian fans who chose him for the team. It’s my third table. The first one was not so good, the second one went great, but unfortunately dismissed. Eli busted, too bad, gg. Dream table at the Dealers Choice tournament.

On the left – a very nice man who can’t play but he collects all the chips. Then there’s Brunson, the newly owner of the bracelet, Jesse Martin, a Belgian regular player. I’m badly crippled here, but still playing, and playing well, so I still have a chance.

We’re in top-100. All it takes is to play the first 9 key hands. Typical sad story for those, who wrongly believe you can win the tournament and not lose by the smallest stupid thing. For never was a story of more woe Than this of leaving the best tournament in the world.

Dealers Choice ended poorly for me. First table was hard, the second was not easy. At the third one people didn’t know the rules, and I busted when the guy played the worst way possible, but got lucky on the flop. He bet on his 30% chance and got it all. Now I’m here.

I’m happy I didn’t even say anything as I was leaving. Just wished my opponents luck, doing my job. I’ve just told it to Benny Glaser, who is sad about leaving the Omaha Hi-Lo $10k tournament.

He had a huge stack but ultimately came as a bubble boy. My goal here, in Vegas, was to do my very best in every hand. Do everything I could. Not make any stupid mistakes even if I’m bummed. And today my game was perfect.

I saved loads of chips where it was merely impossible. I collected all I could. It’s poker, and all you can do is play your A game. Whether it’s going to be hard or not is up to chance. These are the results for now, three tournaments, one ITM, i’m positive on buy-in now.

On Tuesday I’m finally playing a full no-limit hold’em tournament, but still a quick one, too, $1,5k, starting stack is 7,5k. By the way, Kirill is leading our Radzivonau-Semin team to victory, we’re in the chip-leader list, only a hundred people left. Our chances are pretty good.

Just need not to distract Kirill. It’s day four of WSOP, we play the $1.5k NLHE. Here’re my docs. Over a thousand people there.

I’m on late-registration, there are over a thousand players already. Level 50-100 with 7,5k stack. I need to survive for 20 minutes before the break, then I’ll go check on Kirill.

He started the day with the third or fourth stack among 94 other people with over 800 registered. I think Kirill is at least in the top-5 there considering skill level. So, I believe in Kirill, let’s hope he’ll get lucky.

I hope we’ll fight for the highest positions. I really want the bracelet. Go, Kirill. We’re still playing, 73 left, stack is about the same.

Loads of people here. And I’m leaving now. -Get lost, paparazzi. -How many chips do we have? -160k -The rules are: I do this, and we change.

Let me finish this one. It’s a unique chance to let someone ghost for you. You can’t do that online. -I don’t mind. -You want us to become champions, right? -You want us to become champions, I’m definitely becoming one.

You.. not so sure. -What do you mean? Who proposed to play together? 🙂 -The key 9 hands you folded will definitely seal the deal. – I could open 8-5 from mid position. -Yeah, you could.

-Yet I did not. How do you like the line-up? -We got a girl at our table. She’s not so good. But the guy who plays with her is way better.

-I played with the black guy, he seemed good. -He’s with another girl. I like her game better, by the way. -I have a feeling she’s Russian. The guy in glasses on the left looks like a chess player.

Is he a problem? -He just got here. Doesn’t seem good. -We can call the boys from Saint-P and calm him down, no time. That’s the Colossus finale, someone’s gonna win a lot of money in rich casino. Meanwhile, we have 12 people left.

Kirill’s the chipleader and gonna play for another hour. It’s my fifth final table at WSOP. My plan is leave it all to the Belarusians. They are responsible, they know their stuff. Where’s my name?

You brat. How many chips do we have? I have a brilliant idea. They know your game.

Imagine their surprise tomorrow when.. -You come and play? – A flush royale in the bush. -I’m not sure it’s gonna develop our overall results.

-You want to be better than no.1? -I want to win the bracelet. -Everybody wants that. -It’s not that I want the bracelet, I just want the money for the first place. You can have the bracelet.

-Why would I want two bracelets? One for my wife and one for my daughter? What’s your wife and daughter gonna say to that?

-They’ll say good job. -It’s me and my partner who also did a good job today. -I couldn’t do it without Mikhail. Honestly. -How many sets have I got for you? How many calls made?

-Mikhail is showing his best game in this tournament. I’ve never seen such an examplary game from him. -Didn’t lose a single blind, a single chip.

-Moreover – he’s our hope and our pillar. Thank you. -Let’s do this tomorrow, only 9 people to go.